Spring Hours:
Friday - Sunday
11a.m. - 5 p.m.
286 Main Street Aurora, NY
(607) 592-6893


repairs • restoration
rebirth •  reuse

Trader Rose Vintage is located at 286 Main Street Aurora (route 90)
on the first floor of the Shakelton Building.
We carry beautifully designed items from many eras:
antique through modern, and in all forms and sizes:
from a rhinestone bejeweled brooch to an
upholstered living room furniture set.  
We strive to have something for everyone here,
but since we spend a lot of time caring for our stock,
you won't find anything here that we don't love.
Browsers are always welcome here.
We will leave you alone if you don't have any questions
or anything we can help you with, and just want to look around.
There will always be something in our dollar basket or our free with
purchase basket, so you don't need to be a big spender!
You will find merchandise in the following categories:  
Jewelry – semiprecious and costume  Clothing – vintage through modern  
Decorative items – art, textiles etc.  Kitchen and Housewares  
Dolls, Toys, and Curiosities